Willow Tree Psychology was founded by Dr Simone Raenker, a clinical psychologist and EMDR therapist. It is a therapeutic service offering clinical psychology with children, adolescents, and adults, who seek psychological treatment for mental health problems. Willow Tree Psychology offers a holistic service, tailored to the specific needs of clients.

Willow Tree

Ethos of Psychology

The ethos of this service relates to the symbolism of the willow tree, which traditionally stands for healing, hope, safety, growth and stability. Its flexibility means that even a heavy storm is unlikely to break it because of its immense ability to bend. The willow tree therefore is a beautiful reminder for adjustment and adaptability in life, despite and alongside stormy periods and adverse experiences. The aim is to support clients to not only survive but also thrive under difficult conditions. Whilst therapy can be both short- or long-term, the overall goal is always to provide a safe place to explore emotions and increase awareness, to foster resilience, and to allow for growth and change.

My Way of Working

passionate and dedicated

I am a passionate and dedicated psychologist with extensive experiences in the treatment of mental health problems. In my clinical practice, I have focussed on defining my clinical skills and therapeutic techniques rather than specialising in working with only one particular age group of clients. I enjoy working with young people as much as with adults and have extensive experience offering effective and evidence-based therapies to my clients. Please also see my testimonials provided by previous clients.

therapeutic home

I see my therapeutic home in attachment-based, trauma-informed, and emotion-focussed therapeutic approaches.
I integrate different therapy approaches based on my clients needs. For example, therapy might start with exploring early attachment experiences and how they might be related to current difficulties. Then, depending on what I agree with my client, we may work using a combination of CBT, attachment-based therapies, EMDR and EFT treatment (please see for further information about those treatments on my website) to facilitate behavioural change, emotional processing, increase resilience, and personal growth.


Most importantly, I have developed a way of working that is client-centred, flexible, focussed and transparent. I involve my client in the thinking process around treatment planning and we decide together what is the best way of working whereby I am guiding this process. I am not just using one therapeutic approach but offer a variety of effective and established therapies depending on what is needed and appropriate. The treatment therefore becomes tailored and effective.

How Psychology Works

After a free initial consultation, an assessment process (1 – 3 sessions) marks the beginning of therapy. Afterwards, we offer a tailored treatment plan and discuss with the individual client / family.  Therapy can be short-term and long-term. Throughout therapy we continue to discuss the necessity and appropriateness of the length of treatment. Sessions are usually spread out torwards the end of treatment (from weekly to fortnightly to monthly). This facilitates the transition from intensive support to ending therapy.

Psychology and Treatments Offered

The treatments offered are evidence-based (i.e. they are researched and found to be effective) and the gold-standard in psychological therapy. The fees for sessions vary depending on the type of therapy and the length of sessions.  I feel strongly about making therapy available to everyone.  Concession fees are offered for individuals on low income, reduced fees for long-term treatment, and reserve pro bono cases.

We offer a free initial 30-minute consultation. Firstly, your needs are explored and thereupon suggestions are made on how to proceed.
Please contact us at  simone@willowtreepsychology.co.uk